I am a full-time captain at Rock Creek Fire District and I feel I have been silent for too long. This is a direct response to Mr. Easterling’s letter (Wednesday) that encouraged people to vote for Mike Hendricks for fire commissioner in the Kimberly sub-district of the RCFD. I cannot in good conscience allow your attacks on the district or Commissioner Fisher, who is up for reelection, to go unchallenged.

You have made several claims to this paper that are demonstrably false. You assert that the district voted against the levy on four separate occasions. You fail to mention that a super majority (67 percent) was needed to pass the levy and that the majority of voters, voted in favor of the increase. The district is not responsible for the increased growth of the community, but it is responsible for reacting appropriately to it. You claim that the commissioners entered a seven year contract with the fire chief. It is a commonly practiced five year employment contract with an optional two year extension. Mike Hendricks enjoyed a similar contract while he was fire chief. Also, you advocate for more community involvement with decisions. That’s what our publicly elected fire commissioners already set out to do. Furthermore, you previously stated that the district was in violation of the law by not sub-dividing the Kimberly district despite you being told by an attorney that the district is compliant. Sub-dividing the district would give the Kimberly commissioners undue influence over the communities of Hansen and Murtaugh. All should have an equal voice, so there is a commissioner representing each township. Providing these fallacies to the public, not only slows the positive progression that the district has chosen to take in serving the community, but also demonstrates your lack of knowledge and veracity.

Jason Freeman