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United Vision for Idaho has been the state coalition uniting people and organizations, including Southern Idaho Progressive Coalition, for more than 22 years. In 2016, UVI launched RiseUp, Idaho! — a populist campaign uniting Idahoans across the state on a peoples' platform.

So what makes this effort different? This is a nonpartisan effort. It’s not a list of policies political parties say we can win, but a bold agenda of issues and values that people of Idaho and this country must win! It is designed to hold elected officials and all those seeking office accountable, to ensure our values and issues are represented and upheld. This is bigger than one campaign or one election cycle. Now is the time to fulfill the promise of a broader struggle to unite people for generations to come.

The group is reaching out to voters across the state connecting with the people who have been left out and forgotten by establishment politics. Most Idahoans don’t believe they are being represented by either party — believe that special interests supersede individual rights, believe that we have lost our ability to have respectful and meaningful conversations to create real solutions. The good news is that our democracy has always been about real people rising up, and that’s just what’s happening.

The Twin Falls canvass launched this weekend. “It is remarkable when we really listen to each other how much we have in common. People are hurting. If we’re going make people’s lives better, we have to shed the labels that keep us divided and come together,” said Linda Costa Sturman of Southern Idaho Progressive Coalition.

We have to work together to break down the barriers, deepen our understanding of one another and realize that our lives, all of them, are inextricably linked and our futures bound.

Linda Costa Sturman

Twin Falls

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