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Letter: A Missing Chamber

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On 13 September, Randy Stapilus called for an end to "clumping" of City Council members residencies in the same neighborhoods in Idaho cities by promoting districts. This clumping is not a bad thing in and of itself but entire parts of the city are chronically unrepresented. The clumping develops naturally and is representative of a natural aristocracy. We see this in Twin Falls.

If Stapilus desires more "dispersal" we should set up a separate democratic element within our city government for balance. If the State Legislature would allow, we ought to promote bicameral city governments. Have two chambers, one elected by all city residents, another chamber with one representative from each precinct elected by the residents of that precinct.

This will encourage greater citizen participation throughout the city. It will increase public oversight and accountability and improve checks and balances. This is not idealism. All of these are characteristics of classical republicanism we can have to improve our common good.

John Kapeleris

Twin Falls


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