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Division — not a pleasant word when we are thinking of our government. This should not be a problem about the wall. Someone mentioned that the money was allocated years ago under a former president. That is a good point. Former presidents were burdened with the security of our border, too. Why should it take so long for this to sink into any person who has the power to change our destiny?

We watched last night as Pelosi, really feeling the power of her elected chair, said that she did not want the wall. She is really only one vote. Our president was elected by millions of votes. He promised to make America great. He and millions of us out here think that a wall between us and a very disturbed neighbor country, and other neighbor countries, too, will assure us in our quest to be of help, not only to our citizens but others who have prepared to come to this country and wish to come legally. Surely that should not cause any division but should be a unifying decision to protect all of us from people that challenge our laws and threaten our peace.

And Ms. Pelosi, did you have to fight anyone to put a huge wall around your residence? Now that it is up, don't you feel more secure (that is, when you are there)?

Really, is this a presidents' wish thing or is it a necessity for us all? Security — a more peaceful word than "division."

Sue Child


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