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Tim Allen, a medical helicopter pilot, is running for Twin Falls City Council for all the right reasons. He wants to make the city a better place. He has personal attributes that could prove useful on the Council. He’s trying to make a difference.

But the same could be said for Greg Lanting, the incumbent for Seat 5, who says that if he wins, this may be his last term.

We think he deserves the seat, at least one more time. Lanting has been on the Council since the beginning of the Magic Valley’s economic boom, when he helped land Chobani. Perhaps only councilmate Chris Talkington understands better than Lanting the Council’s role in setting a vision for the city. They know that decisions made today will have ramifications years down the road.

The Council needs somebody with that vision and institutional knowledge, especially because Talkington says this is his last term.

Lanting wants to focus on workforce development, one of the most pressing needs the city now faces. And, yes, how the Council tackles this issue now is likely to set the course for the city for years to come.

Allen should be commended for stepping forward. This race should better prepare him for a future Council run, which we hope he takes.

In this race, though, he’s simply outmatched in trying to unseat one of the longest-serving and popular Council members in Lanting.

A third candidate in the race is Larry Houser, who made an unsuccessful run for Council two years ago. Houser has some whacky ideas, to put it mildly, including propping up the hemp industry locally to expand tax revenue and laying the groundwork for medical marijuana. He’d be in over his head as a public servant.

More than any other candidate in this race, Lanting has the experience, statesmanship and vision to keep Twin Falls improving.

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