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Addison Avenue West

The El Rancho Motel, upper left, is seen in the 1950s across Addison Avenue West from the Monterey Motor Inn and the Park Motel, upper right, looking west to east in Twin Falls. 

Twin Falls’ Urban Renewal Agency has a lot to be proud of. With a $17-million downtown renovation wrapped up in a Christmas bow, it’s time to look elsewhere in town.

In October, the board voted to make a “Finding of Necessity” to change its boundaries. It would eliminate a section of Blue Lakes Boulevard North and add Addison Avenue West from the city limits to just east of Washington Street. It would also add a section of Addison Avenue East near Blue Lakes Boulevard.

Next, the board will ask the City Council to approve the boundary change and then, if approved, filed for a change with the state.

We think the Council and state should approve.

A finding of necessity means there are deteriorating, old or obsolete buildings and areas. This fits the needs of Addison Avenue West.

While that section of town has many areas that are run-down, some businesses have already taken it upon themselves to remodel and fix up their storefronts.

We would love to see the same vibrancy that’s been brought to downtown Twin Falls also come to Addison Avenue West. In its heyday, it was a spot people would cruise up and down. There were apartments, motels, churches, libraries, stores, offices, banks, restaurants, service stations and garages, dance halls and even a theater. Back then, the neon was shiny and new.

It doesn’t shine as bright these days, but as think as one of the entrances to our city, it could use a good polishing.

URA is the agency that could give the area a boost and build on the excitement and growth Twin Falls is experiencing.

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