In an article in the February 26, 1961, Times News, then Fire Chief L.Z. Bartlett stated, “The new fire station was constructed as the result of growth … and will serve the northern half of Twin Falls.” Chief Bartlett was speaking of Station 2 located on Falls Avenue.

58 years later, Station 2 designed to be a “sub-station” is still in use. Firefighters at Station 2, at Station 1 on 2nd Avenue, opened in 1976 , and Station 3 at Orchard and Washington, opened in 1974 answer over 5,400 calls annually and provide fire and basic medical services to city residents and in the rural fire district. The Fire Department is our community’s safety net.

On May 21, voters will have the opportunity to vote to improve the working conditions of our Fire Department by voting Yes on the Fire and Rescue Facilities Bond, investing in the health and safety of our community now and into the future.

A Yes vote means:

  • Our Fire Department will be able to meet standards set by the National Fire Protection Association; current station conditions do not allow Twin Falls to meet these standards.
  • New facilities will provide adequate separation between dirty equipment and clean living quarters; the current lack of separation is dangerous. Firefighters have a 10% higher chance of developing catastrophic medical conditions.
  • New fire infrastructure will support the quick “turn-out” times. Our lives depend on timely efficient response of our firefighters.
  • Modern fire stations will provide room for personnel and equipment. Presently, necessary equipment used to protect vulnerable housing areas bordering public lands is parked outside. During the Fall when there is a risk of wildfire, weather dictates these trucks must be drained. If a call occurs, they must be filled before deploying to a fire. Time loss translates to life and/or property loss

A Yes vote means our taxes will increase; this is our investment in the present and future health and safety of our community.

This investment will provide the working conditions, space, and training necessary for our firefighters to protect us. For a home with an assessed value of $300,000 minus the homeowners’ exemption, citizens will pay $148.72 per year, $12.36 per month or 41 cents per day.

As Co-Chairs of the Citizens Committee for the Fire and Rescue Facilities, we believe our community’s safety net is worth the investment of 41 cents per day. Please vote on May 21 or during early voting now through May 17 and please Vote Yes.

LeRoy Harcourt a Twin Falls native, is a general contractor here in the Magic Valley.

Debbie Dane has called Twin Falls home for 30 years, is happily retired and volunteers in the community.

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Debbie Dane and LeRoy Harcourt serve as co-chairs of the Citizens Committee for Fire Facilities Bond Election.


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