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Peter Rickards


It is great to see Rep. Fred Wood announced he supports Medicaid expansion. As a write-in candidate against state Sen. Lee Heider, I also support health care expansion to provide doctors to thousands of hard working families. Sen. Heider opposes Medicaid expansion and will probably use his power to reverse the voters’ initiative. Remember Heider broke the open meeting Sunshine Law to keep no-high CBD oil a felony for parents who follow doctor’s orders for their epileptic children. At the fair, almost everybody shared a story of somebody they knew, helped by no-high CBD oil. Used as medicine for centuries, why does Lee keep it illegal? I thought Republicans want less government control and intrusion in our lives.

I went to the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce Legislative Policy Summit and surprisingly learned Republican policy also hurts Idaho’s economy, with their puritanical control of limited state liquor licenses. This hypocritical, outdated system makes some restaurants decide to build in other states. Resort towns like Victor can’t fairly compete for Jackson Hole tourism dollars, with just one lone liquor license based on town population. This odd law doesn’t stop an idiot from driving drunk. But it does stop businesses, and that hurts our tax base. I thought Republicans want less government control and intrusion in our lives.

I had to curse when I read Congressman Simpson’s recent letter slamming the Snake River Alliance claims that nuclear transportation is not tested. There are potential disasters with nuclear waste transportation, but there is no excuse for the SRA wording and incorrect information. I have tried to educate the SRA for 30 years now, just as hard as I try to get politicians to stop lying. I quote official documents correctly. I have a $1,000 reward for anybody who finds a lie from me. Heider and all refuse to debate me.

I have asked Republicans, Democrats and the SRA to endorse the great Oregon nuclear waste law, but they all refuse to mention it. Oregon’s common sense law requires certified storage space for nuclear waste before a state permit is issued. It is court tested and mother approved! So while Idaho is scheduled for many new nuclear reactors, Oregon has no such threats. There is no spent fuel dump. Yucca Mountain would be full, if forced open. Why create more waste for Idaho when we can out power the USA with safer renewables? Idaho is too great to evacuate.

The nuclear deal everybody praises as “the envy of other states” actually makes Idaho the permanent nuclear dump. The penalty for leaving all nuclear waste in Idaho is just $60,000 per day. Sounds good until you do the math. “It’s cheaper to keep her” in Idaho. For the $96 billion it would take to force open Yucca Mountain, Nevada, our tiny fine pays for over 4,000 years of dumping! The funny part is the penalty is “subject to the availability of the appropriations.” Yup, the politicians’ nuclear business buddies don’t even have to pay the tiny fine, to waste Idaho!

Ironically, the penalty for the delayed sodium nuclear waste treatment could have stopped importing spent fuel in 2002. The politicians refused to enforce the penalty! Hmm... Why would politicians protect their nuclear business donors, instead of protecting Idaho families? Why do politicians like Sen. Heider refuse empowering the great Oregon nuclear waste law?

Please visit for more details. I have ideas to cut your taxes, facilitate early learning skills, and cut wasteful spending. I am an independent citizen, looking out for the children of Idaho, who know not what their fathers do.

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Peter Rickards is a write-in candidate for the District 24 Idaho Senate seat.


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