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Jonathan Parker


In advance of the Nov. 6 general election, Idahoans can expect that they will soon be inundated with candidate television and radio commercials, campaign mail and the like, which is sure to be overwhelming for many. However, when the dust settles and voters cast their ballots, the one certainty is that we will be faced with a stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats, and I can assure you that the contrast has never been clearer.

This is a once-in-a-generation election that will impact Idahoans for decades to come. We have a record number of new candidates running for statewide constitutional offices. We have an open congressional seat. And of course, all 105 seats in the state Legislature are up as well.

All Idaho voters should make their voices heard by voting in this election. There is a very stark contrast between Republican ideals, which reflect the values of most Idahoans, and the increasingly left-leaning ideology of the Idaho Democratic Party. Idaho Democrats have followed their national party in embracing extreme-left positions: gun control and gun bans, vastly increasing the size and scope of government, high taxes, government-run socialized health care, open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants, repressing religious liberty, and many other issues that matter to Idahoans.

Idaho Democrats may try to hide their ties to their far-left national counterparts and out of state groups that are active here, but the facts speak for themselves in the extreme positions they have endorsed.

Meanwhile, Idaho Republicans are strong on limited government, lower taxes, pro-growth economic policies, education reform, the 2nd Amendment, strong borders, life and religious liberty.

Voters can see for themselves the benefits of Republican leadership in Idaho, and proof that Republican ideas in action work:

  • Idaho is first in the nation for employment gains
  • Idaho leads the nation in household income & earnings growth
  • Idaho ranks sixth in the nation for its fiscal health & budget reserves
  • Idaho is first in the nation for teacher pay increases, and sixth in the nation for yearly increase in K-12 education spending
  • Idaho now has the sixth-lowest poverty rate in the nation

As we all know, elections are about choices, and Idaho voters have excellent choices in the Republican candidates for office this year. Our state Republicans have a proven record of making Idaho better for all citizens, as well as a positive vision for the future. They are ready to keep Idaho moving in the right direction, starting with Republican nominee for governor Brad Little. Our nominees for Lieutenant Governor, Janice McGeachin, and Treasurer, Julie Ellsworth, will bring new voices to state leadership, and they’ll be joined on the ballot by the steady hands of Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Secretary of State Lawerence Denney, State Controller Brandon Woolf and Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra. Joining our accomplished District 2 Congressman Mike Simpson is Russ Fulcher, candidate for Congress in District 1.

For the future of our great state, please vote – and vote Republican! – in the November election.

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Jonathan Parker is the Idaho State Republican Party chairman.


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