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Reader Comment: Hospital contractor questions St. Luke's vaccine mandate

Reader Comment: Hospital contractor questions St. Luke's vaccine mandate

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In response to St. Luke’s mandating of the COVID vaccine for all employees, contractors, volunteers, students and others:

To: Chris Roth and Dr. Souva,

I would like you to answer some very direct questions. I am both a contractor for St. Luke’s (who does not directly encounter patients) and a patient. I feel you owe me more the 30 seconds of regurgitated government vaccine propaganda that I saw on KTVB7 interview on July 9. I already sent you an e-mail containing these questions to which you have not responded. The following are questions about that interview.

- Dr. Jim Souva said “Evidence is overwhelming. The vaccines are not only safe, but they’re also highly effective.” No scientific studies or specific data were cited. Dr. Souva announced this the same week that 2,043 deaths were reported to US government VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and need to be investigated as possible COVID vaccine-related deaths, while there were only 1,505 COVID-19 deaths reported that same week. This is also during the same period that a study of the US military published in JAMA found higher-than-expected rates of myocarditis among healthy young people who had had the vaccine. This demographic is not at significant risk from COVID. My question to Dr. Souva is: you are so confident in the “overwhelming evidence” why don’t you voluntarily compensate any St. Luke’s employee who felt coerced to take the vaccine in order to remain employed and ended up suffering complications from it?

- In the interview, one of the stated reasons for the new policy is there has been a rise of COVID cases in the St. Luke’s staff. Really? I would like the time frame and numbers (not percentages) to back up this statement. How many of these new cases were among people who had already been vaccinated? Was there a risk assessment done? How many people were predicted to be infected and or die from COVID in St. Luke’s staff?

- What are the qualifications and/or conflict of interest of the “committee members” that will decide whether to grant religious exemptions?

- Did the federal, state or local governments initiate or communicate to Chris Roth and/or Dr. Souva or any other St. Luke’s executives in developing this mandate? This is important to know since some politicians are arguing that government is not involved and shouldn’t be regulating private business.

- St. Alphonsus, Primary Health and St. Luke’s all announced their decisions on the same day. This makes it difficult for patients in Idaho to choose healthcare institutions that are not mandating the vaccine and for health professionals to obtain different employment in the healthcare field. Was there communication/coordination between St. Alphonsus, Primary Health and St. Luke’s on this policy change and announcement? I’m not an attorney but when big companies get together and make decisions behind closed doors I get concerned; can you assure me that all anti-trust laws were followed?

To conclude, I’d be willing to consent to take the COVID vaccine after it is approved, not created, or tested on human fetal cells, the VAERS database does not indicate thousands of possible injuries and deaths, and it is proven to be more effective than natural antibodies (which I have). It is my deeply held belief that any society that uses body parts of their aborted offspring to facilitate the health of the population is an egregious violation of natural law. This fascist push to force medical experimental without consent free from coercion, which you are a part of, is in violation of the International Human rights code, the Nuremberg Code, will not stop with the healthcare system, it will soon spread to many private businesses probably culminating in the unvaccinated being singled out and excluded. History shows this class division never turns out well. Until you start giving serious answers to my questions and the questions of others, many will resist the vaccine and the coercion.

Paul Sohacki services and installs imaging modality equipment. He contracts with St. Luke’s and has 20 years of experience in his field.


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