Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit

Jose Enriquez, CEO of Latinos in Action, speaks during the Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit on Thursday at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls.


Cheers to those involved with the Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit at the College of Southern Idaho. Nearly 750 students from across Idaho traveled to CSI to attend the summit to learn about career possibilities and learn how to apply for college and scholarships.

“A lot of these students will be first-generation college students. We try to make every single workshop very hands-on,"said Juan Saldaña, the community resources development specialist at the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs.

If Idaho wants to keep its brightest students in-state and raise it's rate of students who go on to higher education, it needs to focus on *all* students.


Jeers to the person who altered a photo making it appeared to show a Twin Falls police officer looking at inappropriate photos in his patrol car. In truth, the officer was guilty of only trying to help his daughter with a broken key fob.

The person who posted the original photo, which showed the officer watching a key fob repair video on YouTube, contacted Twin Falls Police and apologized for posting it on Facebook. The person likely thought they caught the officer goofing off at work. But as Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said, “he would have done the same for any citizen."

But the Photoshopper took the photo to the next level, hurting the reputation of the officer, misleading the hundreds of residents who saw the altered photo on Facebook and wasting the time of more officers who had to conduct an investigation, which involved speaking to the officer in the photo, conducting a search of the officer’s computer internet search history and the department’s internal server records.


Cheers to 10-year-old Brayden Thorne, who spent time all summer raising money for Make-A-Wish Idaho.

Brayden, a fourth-grade student at Xavier Charter School, raised $17,515 for the organization that grants wishes for critically ill children.

He was born with kidney disease, and the experience inspired him to raise the money, he said.

“I know how it feels to be one of the kids,” he said. “I just like making people be happy.”

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