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Hartgen: Dems’ Response to Trump COVID Shows Their True Animosity
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Hartgen: Dems’ Response to Trump COVID Shows Their True Animosity

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Was there a more calloused response to Trump’s COVID infection than the “he-deserved-it” comments of Democrat leaders, social-media cretins and the press which enables them? Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer effectively blamed Trump for his own illness. So did Nancy Pelosi, Democrat House Speaker.

Their glee was obvious to any observer. They could hardly contain their finger-wagging “we told you so” self-righteousness, as well as that of various CNN and other media blow-hairs. Come on, Dems. Do you hate Trump so much that you wish him gone, by any means, medical or otherwise? Yep, they do.

This kind of false “karma” thinking is common today from the lefties. They’re no different than the sorcerers or the shamans of centuries ago who would blame the peasants themselves for the plague of locusts, whatever. Their remarks are no different than the Hillary comment that we’re all “deplorables” out here or Obama’s sneer that we rubes just cling to our guns and religion out of fear and ignorance.

Schumer’s and Pelosi’s responses were certainly predictable. They’ve tried for months to get Trump out office and never once have uttered a word of praise, nothing. But they never mention the mentally-declining Joe Biden, who gets a pass even though he can barely complete a sentence. A prop-him-up trip here and there doesn’t make a president; even his wife knows he’s in decline, keeping him away from the press and whistle-stopping his way through the Midwest. He ends many days early. Can’t keep his eyes open.

On the substantive issues like raising taxes, urban violence, the Supreme Court, court packing, Electoral College or stacking the Senate with more Democrats from places which aren’t even states (They’ll fix that), Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, Biden is either intentionally silent or doesn’t know what to say or do. He’s been a DC fixture for decades and has no accomplishments to speak of; Trump is right about that. He’s just a nice old guy who should retire with the influence-peddling, family pocket-lining money and the false memories he confuses. Is it two million Americans dead from COVID, or is it 200,000? He doesn’t seem to know.

In last week’s debate, Biden looked like he’d been powdered up like some fatuous celeb, blinking in the media glare, a hollow character out of The Addams Family or The Stepford Wives. And this is the guy the Democrats want to run the country? Almost makes you yearn for another “community organizer” like Barack Obama.

Yet, Biden keeps on, hiding in his basement, apparently sulking over family tragedies, including the deaths of his first wife and daughter in an auto accident and his heir-apparent son to cancer. Those events have left him teary and sad, unable to acknowledge that son number two, Hunter Biden, is a hustler, prostitute client, money-launderer and drug user, plus a cad of the first rank, wooing his dead brother’s widow and fathering a child with a DC stripper. Once a lout, still a lout.

If Biden wins, you can be sure there’ll be some sort of cushy grifter roost for the wayward child. If Biden can’t see Hunter’s faults, how will lead America on a world stage?

The case which Dems and the media try to make against Trump is that he’s a would-be dictator. This is nonsense. They just don’t like him because he has struck a chord with millions of Americans the left is used to ignoring and because he’s, well, Trump.

We know Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s not senile. He may bump from policy to policy and his tweets are rambling. But he has done much good, not the least of which is his confidence in the American people, our ingenuity and determination. He also has planted himself firmly as a defender of American values. Biden defends only his party, the extreme left and his reprobate son.

Stephen Hartgen, Twin Falls, is a retired five-term Republican member of the Idaho House of Representatives, where he served as chairman of the Commerce & Human Resources Committee. Previously, he was editor and publisher of The Times-News (1982-2005). He is the author of the new book “Tradition & Progress: Southern Idaho’s Growth Since 1990.” This column was first published in He can be reached at


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