From the editor: How does your garden grow?

From the editor: How does your garden grow?

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I saw a Facebook post last weekend that rang so true to me. It said 2019 is going by like Jaaaaannnuuuaaaarrrrryyyyy, Febuuuuuaaaaaaarrrrrryyyy, Maaaaaaaaaarrrrch, Aprilmayjunejuly, AUGUST.

It’s hard to believe that the last real month of summer is here. There’s plenty of summer to come though. Plenty of time to get a weekend camping in the South Hills, savor a barbecue with friends and eat too much deep-fried food at the fair.

There’s also plenty of time for me to stand, staring at my tomato plants trying to will them to ripen faster.

I come from a family of gardeners. My grandpa was a farmer here in Twin Falls, and my parents always have had a lush backyard in Portland. So when I bought my first house last year I decided to put the garden beds in front to work. I went a little crazy ordering seeds last year, watched the seedlings grow and then set them out in the sun on my porch one day where the promptly got smashed by a sudden hail storm.

Being a farmer is hard.

The ones that survived grew strong, and I had some huge tomato plants, along with some cucumbers and zucchini. From starts bought at the store, I grew a tiny watermelon, some nice butternut squash and peaches and cream corn (by the way, how does everyone keep earwigs out of their backyard corn???).

This year I still didn’t manage to plant all the seedling I got, the dog got into the ones I did manage to start. So back to the store I went. This year we’re looking forward to red cabbage, onions and again.... corn that earwigs are hiding out in. We’ve already been munching on kale, lettuce, beans and the few cherry tomatoes that have ripened.

What have you planted this summer? We’d like to see your garden pictures. Go to to show off this year’s bounty. I’ll add some of my own and we’ll post a gallery once we have enough photos.

Have a great week!


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