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Columnist Bill Colley

Columnist Bill Colley has his portrait taken Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, at the Times-News in downtown Twin Falls.

Horse manure isn’t a terrorist plot. My hometown is a quiet little place with an interstate on one side. The highway went through when I was a teenager and for many of us was a ticket out. The regional manufacturing economy collapsed in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s and left many of us vagabonds. For several years there weren’t even many part-time jobs for high school kids. Then in the early ‘90s a McDonald’s restaurant opened off the highway exit. At the time the only fast-food joint for hundreds of miles along the Southern Tier Expressway (now Route 86). The road is a vestige of the last truly conservative Democrat in the state, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (he campaigned as a liberal at the end of his life, but it wasn’t his previous path).

The restaurant is small by McDonald’s standards and employs just a handful of locals. It mainly serves passing travelers. Last week I shared a story on the radio. The little farming town I once called home made it on the David Letterman show a few years ago. He shared a newspaper clipping. A restaurant patron had called local police after seeing a dangerous substance in the street. Officers raced to the scene and discovered it was the droppings from a horse pulling an Amish carriage. When it comes to liberals passing through rural America there is a phrase from my mother’s childhood. It references a shoe-cleaning product called Shinola.

I’ve never made a secret of my personal history. There was a time long ago when I was a Democrat. My old man was a Kennedy guy and later a devotee of Ronald Reagan. On my 18th birthday I registered as a Democrat knowing Dad’s history. Then I found I couldn’t vote for many of them. From 1980 onward the party increasingly moved into social issues and divided people while at the same time normalizing deviancy. By the early ‘90s a Democrat politician responded to a question I pitched her with one of her own. “Define normal, Bill?” she asked.

What did a Supreme Court Justice once say? He couldn’t always describe pornography but when you see it you have clarification. A bishop once told me I would know right from wrong by a knot in my stomach.

Liberalism first co-opted deviancy and surveys now tell us has moved on to socialism and Satanism. The leftist publication Vox is promoting a Satanist faith to counteract traditional culture. Whether or not you believe Satan is active and a real presence (I do) you can see the influences of satanic activity as practiced by the American left. Rampant substance abuse is causing crime waves, premature deaths and hollowing out huge swaths of Middle America, once the last bastion of tradition. I cry when I read the growing number of stories about babies being found starved in cribs because mom and dad were too high to care for the child. Or mom and dad were already dead.

We see sexual harassment scandals erupting in the entertainment community, in the towers of academia and, of course as usual, in government. You can thank a smelly old hippie for getting the ball rolling on that one 50 years ago. These are maladies historically seen before societal collapse. Throw in the Internet speeding transmission of dirty pictures, and five decades of slow decline becomes a torrent.

Spending on out-of-control social programs while at the same time policing the planet has created insurmountable debt. Before passing away at the age of 96, the legendary Olympian Louis Zamperini told an interviewer he saw no future for the country he loved. He had been imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese after his plane went down in the Pacific. At the older end of the Greatest Generation he foresaw the rise of China and the end of United States hegemony.

Don’t kid yourselves, President Trump is in Asia in a last-ditch attempt to bottle up the Chinese. Look at a map of the places he’s visiting. Unlike 75 years ago the factories that produced the goods that won a world conflict are gone. Gone to China!

Who will fight anyway when the inevitable arrives? On Sunday afternoons millionaire athletes figuratively leave their own manure on the American flag. Antifa is going into the streets and striking a match to a revolutionary fuse. The demonstrators plan takeovers of public spaces and buildings and half the country approves. A handful of cowboys can camp inside a vacant visitor center and the left demands they be hanged. Bowe Bergdahl skates and the Hammonds are dying in prison.

Lincoln was citing the Bible when he spoke of a “house divided.” Today the Bible and Lincoln are considered offensive to snowflakes across the land. Some students in Wisconsin insist a Lincoln statue be torn down. The young people claim it was because Lincoln was a slaveholder! Who taught them the fallacy? Is it intentional? This is why we desperately need school choice and we need it yesterday.

The Amish long ago partially removed themselves from the larger society, and yet they still bank with everybody else in town, shop at the local grocery and show up at the sale barn every Tuesday morning. The belief there is any “Redoubt” is another fallacy. The next five years will determine the fate of our country and the world.

Bill Colley is the host of Top Story on Newsradio 1310 AM.


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