Classic Ann Landers

Classic Ann Landers

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Editor's Note: Hundreds of Ann Landers' loyal readers have requested that newspapers continue to publish her columns. These letters originally appeared in 1999.

Dear Ann Landers: Please warn your readers about the dangers of using satin sheets. I had them on my bed for years and never gave them a moment's thought.

One morning as I lay on my stomach, I saw a towel on the floor and stretched down to pick it up. My body slid off the bed so quickly, I had no time to react. I broke my neck. I was told that I came very close to becoming a quadriplegic. Fortunately, the spinal cord was not severed. My doctors were superb, and I am slowly recovering.

The next person may not be as lucky as I was, Ann. Please say something about this in your column. -- Opt for Cotton Sheets, Manchester, Conn.

Dear Manchester: I have heard of freak accidents, but yours is one of the strangest. I've had satin sheets for years in my guest bedroom, and I have never known of anyone who slid off. Personally, I prefer cotton. It feels better, especially the pillowcases.

Dear Ann Landers: Here's a Gem of the Day that could save your readers a trip to the emergency room: Toothpicks are the object most people choke on. Dental floss is much safer and works just as well. -- Fremont, Neb.

Dear Fremont: Thanks for the input. What you have written could be one of the most important pieces of information my readers have seen in a long time.

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