Cassia County flooding from above

Flooding can be seen from the air Jan. 12, 2017, in Cassia County.

BURLEY — Federal, state and local officials will do a preliminary assessment of Cassia County flood damage in the next few weeks.

County residents, businesses and agencies should complete a flood-damage assessment form from the Idaho Office of Emergency Management website. The forms can be turned in to the county or through the Idaho Office of Emergency Management.

County leaders met last week with state department of emergency management to review the process of a federal disaster declaration.

Jarod Dick, disaster recovery coordinator for the state’s emergency management office, said the initial assessment will determine whether the county’s federal damages threshold has been met.

Cassia County’s federal threshold is $82,857, which is based on a dollar amount per capita.

The state’s federal threshold of $2.2 million has been reached.

A program for individual assistance under the federal declaration would provide mass care and emergency assistance, crisis counseling, unemployment assistance, legal services and case management.

An individual and household program covers housing assistance and other needs. The federal program pays 100 percent on housing assistance and 75 percent on other needs.

“We know we have not received everything,” Mary Quarles, finance section chief for the Idaho Office of Emergency Management said of the flood-damages reports.

If the county receives a federal disaster declaration the federal cost-share for eligible damages will go up from the state’s 50 percent cost share to 75 percent and include assistance to taxing entities, some private non-profits, for emergency work and permanent work for roads, bridges, water control facilities, public buildings, equipment, public utilities, parks and recreation.


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