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Thank You Letters

Thanks, farmers, dairymen and ranchers

In the last few weeks my husband and I have been able to travel through parts of Utah and Idaho. We loved seeing the orchards in bloom with fruit to be picked in the fall. We saw beautiful fields being prepared for planting. We saw herds of cattle and sheep and horses. As we traveled through the area we had overwhelming feelings of gratitude for the farmers, dairymen and ranchers who provide us with the delicious food we eat. We want them to know that we appreciate all the hard work and diligence they give to provide us with the beef, pork, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, milk, cheese and beautiful fruit that we so casually put in our baskets at Costco and Smiths. We raise our hats to you and shout out our thank you!

Susan Carter

Bountiful, Utah

Grant funds help seniors

The Ageless Senior Center Board of Directors and site manager expresses sincere gratitude to the Rotary Club of Twin Falls and the United Way for their recent monetary gifts. It is our mission to “nourish body and soul” of participants in the communities of Kimberly and Hansen. The grant funds so graciously awarded are vital in the furtherance of our mission.

Nancy Duncan

Board president

St. Luke’s helps many

Thank you, St. Luke’s Magic Valley Health Foundation Board of Directors and Planning Committee, for selecting Interlink Volunteer Caregivers to receive a very generous award from the Community Health Improvement Fund. Funds will be used to reimburse IVC volunteers for mileage driven while using their own vehicles transporting vulnerable citizens to health related appointments. IVC volunteers help senior citizens, chronically ill and disabled individuals by providing transportation so they can have access to their healthcare providers. By providing this critical service to people who cannot drive, IVC allows people to remain independent. IVC volunteers donate their time and use their own vehicles so our vulnerable community friends and neighbors can seek medical treatment thereby improving their health. A special thanks to Administrative Assistant Sandy Nuffer and Community Relations Director Jody Tremblay for helping with the grant process.From the bottom of our hearts IVC’s board of directors, volunteers, supporters and clients thanks St. Luke’s for helping us improve the lives of so many!

Edie Schab

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Executive director

The Bowwow Powwow

Early on the morning of April 29, two Jerome Middle School gifted-and-talented students headed up to the Jerome Animal Shelter to set up for their fundraiser and “G.T.” project at the Jerome Fairgrounds called “The Bowwow Powwow.” We are sixth-graders at JMS and had been volunteering at the shelter since September, planning this adoption event. Our goal was to educate the community of Jerome about the Animal Shelter and to raise money for the shelter. At the event, we had many activities, including a silent auction and raffle, dog races, educational posters, an agility course and a dog walk. We raised a total of $400 for the shelter.

There are many individuals and businesses Samuel Lickley and I would like to thank for making this event possible. First off, a huge thank you to Heather and Katie at the shelter for working so willingly with us, letting us volunteer, and overall, just for helping us make the event possible. Thank you to Rudy’s, Valley Country Store, Scarrow Meats, Thirty-One, Jerome Cheese, Arlene’s Flowers, Windswept Kennels, PetSmart and Sawtooth Veterinary Services for donating baskets and items to our silent auction and raffle. You were all very generous and contributed a lot to the event. Thank you to Nyla, Kora, Amanda, and J.T. for volunteering your time on the 29th to help us out. A big thank you to our parents for finding time in your busy schedules to help us and support us. Without everyone’s help and support, the “Bowwow Powwow” would not have occurred.

Kamille Mirkin


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