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I really would like some answers. I know that it is legal to have a RV or motor home stored in the driveway. My issue is when people are living in the trailer that is parked in the driveway; along with having five barking dogs without a permit, a cat, and a dog that lives in the residence behind. Underneath and around the trailer, there’s trash, beer cans and bottles, a urination bucket and various other unsightly items, creating an overall eye sore.

Recently, I decided to put my home on the market to sell to relieve myself of this mess; this monstrosity of trash has lowered the value of my own home as well as several other surrounding homes in the neighborhood. It is my understanding there is a city code that is supposed to be enforcing people occupying a RV on property. Now if this mess was made by peaceful, quiet homeowners who knew the value of a home and property; but the issue is that they’re renters paying only for one living dwelling, not including the trailer, and the neighbors from behind are also renters, creating three dwellings on one very small property with six total dogs and a cat without a permit.

Just when does the law get enforced? Why do these renters get by with so many violations, and the homeowners are frequently picked on, blamed and bullied by city code enforcement?

Linda Bancroft

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Twin Falls


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