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In Gooding we have a neighbor who has a dog in a fair-sized kennel but had to be reminded by the neighbors to water it in this very hot season. The owners fixed this by putting a tub in the kennel, filling it with water that hasn't been changed in over a week. The dog is very dirty and there are mounds of feces in the kennel.

After several phone calls I was referred to an "animal control" person who informed me that the conditions of this dog were fine after telling me that state laws were vague and that the dog's situation wasn't urgent. I informed him that I had read the statutes and the state was very specific about clean sanitation. The response was that what is determined unsanitary is in the eyes of the beholder. Huh? Besides that it was above his pay grade.

My underlying concern is that this dog and many others in Gooding are doomed to a horrific life of no social interaction, no walks, and no happily romping with family members. I'm cognizant of the fact that will always be the case for many dogs but that doesn't mean the community leaders shouldn't give up on trying to make lives better for abused dogs.

In Gooding when you get a license for your dog, you are asked if the dog is neutered or spayed but you are not asked to give proof and, amazingly, they don't even ask if the dog has it's rabies shot. The least they can do is ask for documentation. Idaho Cruelty to Animal Statutes — read about cruelty definitions.

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Kathy Rooney



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