Hypocrisy, thy name is Bedke.

In 1990 the Idaho Legislature unconstitutionally passed a law exempting themselves from a law governing how retirement would be paid to part-time employees who later became full-time. This allowed legislators who became full-time to receive hundred of thousands of dollars more than they would have otherwise. This extra money was unfunded, so it falls to the taxpayer.

In 2016 the Legislative compensation committee, in their biennial letter to the Legislature, directed them to remove this exemption. (They have authority over legislative salaries and benefits)

Prior to the 2017 session, Mr. Bedke and the rest of the leadership informed a reporter that this issue was "dead in the water," and it was denied a hearing.

At the session's end attention was given to the fact that some legislators appeared to be abusing their non-salary compensation. Mr. Bedke made the statement that the legislative compensation committee had the responsibility to deal with this allegation, and not the leadership.

So Speaker Bedke, which is it? You feel that you can ignore their constitutional directive, but on the other hand give them the problem of dealing with legislative abuses? It would appear to me that you are wrong twice, and hypocritical in your actions!

Jim Haddock