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As we continue to tell the Long COVID story of many patients – each unique and different -the frustration and pain in their desire to return to a ‘pre-COVID” life is evident.

U.S. wildlife officials have taken the first step to lift federal protections for grizzly bears in the northern Rocky Mountains, which would open the door to future hunting in several states. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says state officials provided substantial evidence grizzlies have recovered from the threat of extinction in the regions surrounding Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. But federal officials also raised concerns about new state laws that could affect bears. Friday’s move kicks off at least a year of further study before a final decision. Grizzlies were wiped out in most of the U.S. during the last century. There are now more than 2,000 bears in the Lower 48 states and larger populations in Alaska.

Police say a man who allegedly fired gunshots Thursday in a busy area of Hood River and then barricaded himself in his house for hours is in custody. The Hood River Police Department said Simeon Hill was safely taken into custody Thursday night. An initial law enforcement bulletin Thursday warned of an “active shooter” near a Dairy Queen in the small city along the Columbia River Gorge. Police said Friday that multiple gunshots had been fired from the home in the direction of businesses. No one was hurt. Hill was taken to a medical facility and multiple charges were sent to the county district attorney's office for consideration.

A bill introduced in the Oregon Legislature that would ban lawmakers from hiring family members as aides has sparked a debate about nepotism at the state Capitol in Salem. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that at least 1 in 6 Oregon lawmakers have hired family members to work in their offices this session. The practice spans both parties. Democratic House Majority Leader Julie Fahey, who introduced the bill, told OPB that she questions lawmakers using taxpayer dollars to pay family members. But some rural lawmakers oppose the bill. They say that finding a staffer to move from their district to Salem just for a legislative session can be difficult.


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