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Power outage

An Idaho Power crew works to repair lines in 2015 along Commercial Avenue in Twin Falls.

BOISE — The average Idaho Power customer is without power for less than two hours per year. But sometimes, such as during extreme winter weather, outages can last for hours or even days.

If your power goes out:

  • Check the company’s outage map at or call 1-800-488-6151 to report an outage or receive outage information. Text alerts are now available.
  • For safety reasons, use battery-powered lights instead of candles.
  • Turn off appliances that were in use when the power went out. Make sure to turn off electric ranges or space heaters to prevent the possibility of a fire if you’re away when power is restored.
  • Avoid opening refrigerator and freezer doors to keep food cold longer, and keep a large block of ice in the freezer.

Equip an outage kit with: flashlights, blankets, bottled water, non-perishable food like canned goods, battery- or solar-powered chargers for your devices, a battery-powered radio and clock, extra batteries, board games or cards for entertainment

When power is restored:

  • Turn off all appliances, machinery and equipment in use when the power went out including the furnace/air conditioner, except for one light — a signal for when power has been restored. Turning off everything else helps protect your appliances against changes in voltage that may happen if a circuit overloads when power is restored.
  • When power has been restored, wait 30 minutes, then begin turning home appliances and lighting on in 10-minute intervals. This keeps circuits from overloading and helps to more quickly and safely restore everyone’s power.

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