TWIN FALLS — The Magic Valley Mall will get hit big this year as two of its largest stores — Macy’s and Sears — close their doors and pull out of the Twin Falls market.

But Woodbury Corp., the company that owns and operates the Magic Valley Mall, is working to make sure the mall still has a place in the Twin Falls of the future — whatever that role may look like.

On Tuesday, the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the mall’s request to change its governing document, allowing it to better conform to the city’s comprehensive plan.

“The mall has a development agreement that was executed in 1984 or ’86, and they’ve had amendments to that,” Twin Falls Senior Planner Jonathan Spendlove said.

As proposed, the update would bring those amendments into one document. The agreement would bring the mall under the same regulations as other commercial land in the city.

But it would also allow some land uses outright, without the mall having to get a special use permit. These include parking structures, entertainment facilities, businesses with alcohol consumption on premises, drive-throughs and indoor recreation facilities.

Woodbury Corp. Regional Manager Brent White previously told the Times-News that shopping centers in the U.S. are adapting to allow for multiple uses. There’s less emphasis on apparel, as more malls are bringing in office spaces and even residential development.

“In some respects, it’s urbanization,” White said.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday at 203 Main Ave. E. The mall’s request is one of a number of public hearings up for consideration. Also on the agenda are:

  • A request for a special use permit to operate a professional office at 2016 Addison Ave. E.
  • A request for a special use permit to operate a beauty salon as a home occupation at 1624 Kimes Ave.
  • A request for a special use permit to remodel a main level garage/storage area into a residential duplex at 242 Main Ave. N.
  • A request for a special use permit to allow a drive-through window in conjunction with a restaurant at the southeast corner of Canyon Falls Drive and Harrison Street.
  • A request for a zoning map amendment and zoning change for a 1-acre property at 1211 Addison Ave. W. within the area of impact.
  • A request for a special use permit to allow alcohol consumption on site in conjunction with a restaurant at 1925 Fillmore St., Ste. 100.