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Jerome Students Receive Shot Glasses at Prom

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Jerome Shot Glass

(Courtesy photo)

Shot glasses like this one were given out to Jerome High School students during junior/senior prom on Saturday. “We don’t condone this type of thing,” said Principal Ryan Bowman. “It’s something that shouldn’t have happened.”

JEROME • A mother was surprised when her teenage daughter, a senior at Jerome High School, came home from prom Saturday night with a souvenir — a shot glass.

The shot glasses read, “Sweet Dreams: Prom 2013.”

Mom wasn’t happy.

“To me it seems like they are encouraging students who are not old enough to drink,” MaryLou Bangerter said.

The Jerome School District said it was a student group in charge of prom that ordered the shot glasses and not the school itself. Bangerter, on the other hand, wonders what happened to adult supervision.

“I think maybe the students were a little sneaky,” said Jerome School Board member Don Mitchell. “Kids will be kids. This is an instance where they were having too much fun. The purchase order was reviewed by several adults, but I don’t think that it was represented to the adults really what was being purchased. I’m not sure that the purchase order said it was shot glasses.”

The student committee was to order souvenirs for prom ticket holders, Mitchell said, but students chose wrong.

It won’t happen again, he said. They lost the district’s trust and from now on there will be stricter oversight.

“I have to tell you that nothing surprises me anymore,” said John Crozier, another Jerome School Board member. “I did receive a call Monday morning from a parent who complained about it, and I said I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t.”

As calls piled up, Superintendent Dale Layne sent a newsletter to district staff saying that the matter would be investigated, Crozier said. The Jerome School Board will discuss the matter at its next meeting on April 23.

“Heads will roll,” he said. “I don’t think there was any intention of malice by it, but it definitely was inappropriate.”

The purchase order read “mugs,” Layne said. “Something just got missed. The bottom line is this is not something we condone.”

Mitchell said it was his guess, though he did not know for sure, that glasses were given out even after adults saw them on prom night for fairness sake.

“By the time the administrator discovered what the glasses were, a number of them already had been handed out and decided it was unfair to keep the rest of them,” MItchell said.

Principal Ryan Bowman said the glasses were filled with candy and the administrator thought they seemed harmless. In retrospect, he said, she realizes they were inappropriate gifts.

Bangerter said she is concerned what message the souvenirs might have sent to students, especially at a celebratory event such as prom when some students might be more inclined to drink.

Her daughter returned the shot glass to the principal on Monday, voicing her opinion about the matter.

“My daughter was really upset by it,” she said. “I think it was highly inappropriate.”

Bowman said he’s apologized to several parents and will continue to do so.

“We don’t condone this type of thing,” he said. “It is something we’re really against.

“It’s something that shouldn’t have happened.”


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