In the height of the digital age, where people devour information online, we set out to investigate the process and inner workings of our local printing press, which churns out 50,000 print copies each day.

Housed in Twin Falls at the Times-News, just adjacent to the newsroom, it's clear that print is still alive and well. Despite widespread digital access to news, the printing press remains the go-to operation for three daily publications.

In total, the local press prints five main publications. On a daily basis, it prints the Times-News, the Elko Daily Free Press and the Idaho Statesman, the state's largest newspaper.

Weekly installments of the Magic Valley Messenger and The Voice also stream out of its cogs, along with a host of subsidiary publications throughout the year, including The Adventure Guide and Destination Southern Idaho.

For this week's Big Story, Chief Photographer Drew Nash went inside the press room to find out what it takes to produce what is known as "the daily miracle," an entirely different print copy every 24 hours made by the same printing process each time.

This photo essay encompasses the imposition, plating and printing of print copy. Humans and machines work closely together through the night to deliver the news to the community for daily consumption, documenting history in its pages.

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