TWIN FALLS — The phrase “I’ll be home for Christmas” has a special meaning for one Twin Falls family.

Twin boys Malakye and Rylan Cahala were born Nov. 13 — two months premature. After about a month at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit, they were released just in time for the holiday, on Dec. 15.

Shea Hyde and Sabastian Cahala are adjusting to life as new parents.

“The hospital stay has been overwhelming,” Hyde said one Friday morning in early December as she held Malakye in the ICU. The twin boys were wearing matching gray sweaters and leggings.

Every day, she came to the hospital three or four times, for a few hours each time. She was juggling taking care of her newborns with housework and pumping breast milk.

Hyde described the pace as hectic. Cahala came to the hospital in the evenings after he got off work.

But despite the challenges, there was light at the end of the tunnel. “We hope they’re both out by Christmas,” Hyde said Dec. 8.

With newborn babies, they’re planning a quiet Christmas this year.

“We’re definitely not going to big gatherings,” Hyde said, especially since respiratory syncytial virus is going around. She doesn’t want her sons to end up back in the hospital.

Despite making an early debut, Malakye weighed in at 5 pounds, 6 ounces at birth and Rylan at 5 pounds, 11 ounces. After they were born, their weight dropped to about 4 pounds, but now they’re making gains again.

“They’re the size of newborns now,” Hyde said.

As the boys grow, their parents are noticing differences between them with their appearance and personality.

Rylan is feisty, Hyde said, and has been through more at the hospital. “He doesn’t want to be touched.” Malakye, on the other hand, is more “chilled out.”

Months ago, Hyde broke the news to Cahala they’d be having twins — not just one baby. He didn’t believe her at first. But she had ultrasound pictures to prove it.

It wasn’t a complete shock, though. They both have relatives who are twins.

“They run deep on both sides of our families,” Hyde said. “We always joked about it.”

Now, they have twins of their own and their whole family will be home for Christmas.

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