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Lincoln School

Lincoln School, built in 1908, is seen in 1909 in Twin Falls. The following year, the roof caught fire from chimney sparks.

On a wintry day in 1910, the Lincoln School would have burned down if it weren’t for Ray Hughes.

The 15-year-old “plucky school boy” from Twin Falls extinguished a blaze on the roof of the 2-year-old school before the fire department arrived.

The fire started at 7 a.m. from sparks that floated from one of the school’s chimneys and “burned a 12-inch hole entirely through the roof of the building,” said the Twin Falls Weekly News in its Dec. 15, 1910, edition.

Hughes, the son of rancher William Hughes, put out the blaze with a handheld chemical fire extinguisher.

“The fire department made a good run,” but the equipment became mired in deep mud before it reached the school, the newspaper said.

The newspaper failed to say how the boy reached the roof of the two-story school building.

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