Sage Dixon


BOISE — Idahoans will be encouraged to remember global victims of communism once a year.

The House approved a concurrent resolution Friday to recognize Victims of Communism Memorial Day each year on Nov. 7.

Rep. Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay, said communism is “destructive and leaves a wake of death behind it.”

“This is a strong statement for our form of government and against an evil form of government,” Dixon said.

The resolution says communism has killed more than 100 million people worldwide and subjected others to human rights abuses. The form of government offers false promises of equality and liberation, robs citizens of their freedoms, and suppressed self-determination movements in more than 40 nations, the resolution says. It also says Karl Marx is responsible for the atrocities committed by dictators after his death.

Dixon said the resolution is important because young people are not familiar with the consequences of communism.

“We’ve fought communism for many many years and it has somewhat been beaten back,” he said. “Many young people are now preferring communism and socialist forms of government to our republican form of government and that’s a problem.”

The resolution received unanimous bipartisan support, including from Rep. John McCrosite, D-Garden City.

“We can all agree that we don’t want Russians meddling in our elections, and we can all agree that we don’t want dictators running our country,” McCrostie quipped.

Nov. 7 marks the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, which led to the first communist regime under Vladimir Lenin in Russia.

The resolution passed the Senate last week. The day will be recognized for the first time later this year.

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