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Twin Falls Planning and Zoning approved Tuesday a man's request to sell guns from his home. 

TWIN FALLS — Planning and Zoning on Tuesday approved a man’s request to sell firearms out of his home. Multiple neighbors spoke in opposition to the proposal.

After Planning and Zoning’s unanimous decision, Daniel Corsini will be able to run a Federal Firearms Licensed Transfer and Armorer business from his home on Highland Lane, which is in a residential neighborhood. Firearm sales are federally regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“Like most people in this great state, I have a lot of guns,” Corsini said.

Corsini said he will be selling a wide variety of firearms. He also has the ability to make guns, but will not be machining any parts. Customers can only come to the business by appointment.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has approved similar home occupations before, including one business each in March 2019 and August 2018. Those special use permits passed without much public opposition, according to Planning and Zoning staff, but a handful of Corsini’s neighbors voiced concerns about the business.

“I’m all for private enterprise in its proper place,” Phil Schell said. “I think a weapons business in a residential area is really no more appropriate than a livestock operation.”

Paula Sinclair said she doesn’t want the business near her home, and fears it will be unsafe.

“This isn’t any kind of a Second Amendment argument,” Sinclair said. “It’s the wrong business for a residential neighborhood. What kind of people is he going to be bringing in? These are people that are interested in buying guns. And what kind of guns are they interested in buying?”

Corsini said has a home security system and is careful to keep all of his guns locked away. He pointed out that his license does not permit him to sell explosives or fully automatic firearms.

This isn’t the first time Corsini has sold guns out of his home. He ran a similar business out of a condo when he lived in California, and said he never received any complaints and never had any packages delivered to incorrect addresses.

He also noted that he has extensive experience with firearms, having worked as a federal corrections officer and in the Navy. He currently works as a probation officer in Gooding County. Corsini said he is also a National Rifle Association certified pistol and firearm safety instructor.

Dangerous people aren’t the ones who will be buying his guns, he said, and he doesn’t expect his guns are likely to be stolen.

“Criminals don’t tend to like to rob people that own a lot of firearms,” he said.

While a handful of neighbors spoke in opposition to the business, one, David Brown, voiced his support for Corsini and said he had no objections to the idea.

Planning and Zoning commissioners said they believed the business will have a minimal impact on the neighborhood. They also noted that their job is to make decisions based on what city code allows, and the city allows home occupations for firearm sales.

Planning and Zoning Commissioner Marilu Perez said she saw no rules that allowed the commission to vote against the special use permit, but noted that the public can give input on the home occupations for firearm sales. Planning and Zoning is currently in the process of rewriting city code.

“I encourage the public to reach out to the Planning and Zoning department,” Perez said.

The permit does not have to be approved by the City Council.

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