Sen. Lee Heider


BOISE — A Twin Falls lawmaker introduced legislation Friday that would prohibit police from profiling motorcyclists.

The Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee voted to print and hold a hearing for Sen. Lee Heider’s bill, which would add a section to Idaho Code stating that no state or local law enforcement can engage in motorcycle profiling. Motorcycle profiling is defined in the bill as “the arbitrary use of the fact that a person rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle-related paraphernalia as a factor in deciding to stop and question, take enforcement action, arrest, or search a person or vehicle.”

This isn’t the first time similar legislation has surfaced in the Legislature. A similar bill passed the House but died in the Senate in 2017, with some lawmakers questioning whether such a law was necessary.

“We fight this every year, it seems, and I think without due cause,” Heider, a motorcyclist himself, told the committee Friday. “I don’t think there’s any law enforcement officer in the state of Idaho who wants to be a profiler or engage in profiling, but there’s no reason not to have it in code.”

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