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Lauren Necochea


U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho:

“The administration deserves credit for taking our nation’s fiscal crisis seriously, but I hope that in the coming years we can begin the conversation on addressing the real drivers of our debt, which remain untouched by the yearly appropriations process. Mandatory programs remain on autopilot and continue to grow, dwarfing all other government programs in terms of spending. That is why I will continue to advocate for 'going big' with a package of spending cuts paired with tax and entitlement reform, as it is the only way we will truly put our country back on solid fiscal footing.”

U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho:

“The President’s budget proposal is merely a blueprint of his administration’s priorities. As outlined in our U.S. Constitution, it is solely Congress’ responsibility to set our nation’s budget and appropriate funds. The House and Senate must now work together to introduce, debate, and pass a final budget plan. Throughout this process, I will continue to advocate for Idaho’s most pressing priorities.”

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho:

“I am aware that portions of the president’s budget call for dramatic cuts to programs affecting Idahoans and its communities. As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I will work with my colleagues to strike a fair balance between funding necessary programs and the need to reduce ongoing deficit spending.”

Lauren Necochea, director, Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy:

“Idaho simply cannot afford to absorb the costs we would incur if a version of this budget is approved by Congress. This proposed budget includes historically unprecedented cost shifts to the states and unprecedented cuts to essential public services that working Idahoans rely on to make ends meet and. The tax cuts for the wealthy come at a huge cost to children, seniors, Idahoans with disabilities, and community investments that benefit all of us."

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