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JEROME • County Commissioner Roger Morley, 64, is running for his third term in District 3. His challenger is lifelong resident, rancher and past Commissioner Roy Prescott, 68.

Both candidates are from Jerome.

“I’m very happy with Jerome County and the Commission,” Morley said. “It’s an honor to be a commissioner in the county I grew up in and a way I can pay back.”

Prescott would like to return to the Commission after a 15-year break and said he would first focus on the budget.

“The county financials have not been reviewed for several years and it needs to be examined for inconsistencies and possible cronyism,” he said.

Prescott strongly feels public resources should be equally available to all residents, and that a county government that encourages economic growth will improve the quality of life for all.

“Jerome County can have the same success as Twin Falls, but Jerome needs to be more aggressive,” he said. “It takes too much time to get anything approved in Jerome.”

While Morley doesn’t disagree with Prescott about economic growth, he does have different priorities.

“As a commissioner, my No. 1 responsibility is to support agriculture,” he said. “We are Ag.”

His second focus is on water.

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“We have to make sure our ag people have a sustainable water supply for the future,” Morley said. “Without water we go back to desert.”

His third focus is on creating jobs.

“Jerome County has five freeway exits. We need to utilize those exits assets to increase business — especially to Eden and Hazelton,” Morley said. “We’ve rezoned for Hazelton so we can put those businesses on track.”

Both candidates share concern over the perceived divide between the west and east ends of Jerome County.

“The county commission needs to do a better job building a relationship with the smaller towns,” Prescott said.

“We need to try to erase that problem,” said Morley. “It was that way when I was a kid. We must band together as a county to compete” with other areas in the Magic Valley.


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