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Gooding museum

Hand-sewn booties, June 22 at the Gooding County Historical Museum.

GOODING — Steve and Kris Quigley’s grandchildren are getting a good dose of volunteerism.

As heads of the Gooding County Historical Society and its museum, the Quigleys put their family members to work doing things they can’t do. Many of the museum’s 12 board members are getting on in years, said Kris, who stepped in to run the museum when the past director became ill.

“We really need some younger people to help,” she said.

She’ll get no argument from board members and volunteers, the youngest of whom are in their 40s, said research director Lorna Bard, a member of the historical society since the 1970s.

Operating a museum demands a mix of old and new blood: old for continuity and new to continue the work into the future, Bard said.

The group has squirreled away $5,000 for a museum expansion, but they fear there’ll be no one around to continue their work. The historical society only recently finished unpacking boxes moved about a decade ago from its first museum — the old Gooding post office — to a new building at the south edge of town. The old building, donated to the group when it formed in 1971, was condemned and artifacts were stored for several years while the new museum was built.

Board members are proud of the new museum, said Nancy Turley, in charge of growing the historical society’s membership.

“It’s a warm place,” Turley said. “It’s welcoming.”

It’s a work in progress, Bard said. New artifacts come in every week.