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We asked seven students for their thoughts about Twin Falls School District superintendent Wiley Dobbs. The grade levels and schools listed are for the school year that ended in late May.

Fabiana Casella, 7

Harrison Elementary, second grade

“Dr. Dobbs is kind, does good magic tricks, and he worries about snow days and is smart.”

Abbie Roberts, 11

Sawtooth Elementary, fifth grade

“I’ve been doing judo with him. He gave us a tour of our school.”

What does a superintendent do? “I think he’s in charge of all the schools or the Twin Falls School District,” Abbie said.

Lucy Coles, 11

Pillar Falls Elementary, fifth grade

Lucy met Dobbs when he gave her a tour of her new school, Pillar Falls Elementary, a year ago.

“I just thought he was a really nice person,” she said, and he knows a lot about Twin Falls schools.

Hannah Roberts, 14

Vera C. O’Leary Middle School, eighth grade

“I look up to him. He made us feel comfortable around the school.”

Dobbs gave Hannah and her sister a private tour of their new school when they moved to Twin Falls a few years ago from Burley.

Plus, Hannah said, “he got me into judo for a little bit to get to know people.” Braeden Dickinson, 17

Canyon Ridge High, 11th grade

“I really like Dr. Dobbs,” Braeden said. “I think he did a really good job as superintendent, for the time I’ve noticed that stuff in middle school and high school.”

Braeden’s father is Brady Dickinson, who’ll take over as Twin Falls school superintendent July 1.

Dobbs is a “great guy” and “did a good job supporting students,” Braeden said. “He came and watched me and supported me in my wrestling a lot,” including at the state tournament.

Jack Coles, 17

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Twin Falls High, 11th grade

Jack has interacted with Dobbs frequently. He first met the superintendent when Dobbs gave him and his sister a tour of their new schools when they moved to Twin Falls a year ago.

“He was, I want to say, a really genuine guy,” Jack said. He could tell Dobbs “really likes the school district.”

Dobbs didn’t talk about how many state sports championships Twin Falls High has won, Jack said, but focused instead on “how the academics were exemplary.”

Dobbs also has interesting life stories, Coles said, such as judo competition. “He’s a really laid-back dude. He really enjoys chilling out and stuff, from what I’ve interacted with him.”

Joshua Burgett, 17

Twin Falls High, 11th grade

Joshua earned his silver Congressional Award and is working toward his gold — the highest honor a student can receive. Two of his siblings earned bronzes.

Dobbs is Joshua’s Congressional Award mentor.

“He’s really good at mentoring students on everything they do,” said Joshua, who really likes the superintendent. “He’s super approachable and available. He always makes time for you, no matter what.”

—Julie Wootton


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