HAILEY — Trustees voted Tuesday to censure Rob Clayton and strip him of his position as chairman of the Blaine County School District.

A Wednesday morning statement from the district cites “several violations of the BCSD Board of Trustees Code of Ethics from January 2019 to early May 2019.”

Clayton remains on the board but will no longer be the chair. The district updated its website Wednesday to show Ellen Mandeville as the board chair.

“I am sure he will continue to be an advocate for all students at the Board table and am looking forward to continuing to work with him,” embattled Superintendent GwenCarol Holmes said in the release.

The district could not be reached for specifics on the violations.

Trustees held two votes on the issue during Tuesday’s meeting: one to censure Clayton and one to remove him from his position as chairman. Both votes passed 3-2.

The vote followed a private executive session at the end of the meeting. Trustees were presented with a petition to remove Holmes as superintendent earlier in the meeting.

Clayton and Mandeville did not respond to requests for comment.

The demotion comes a week after Clayton spoke to opponents of the administration during an event intended to rally support for the petition.

During the event, Clayton acknowledged the community’s discontent with administrators and said issues within the district are not communicated to him in his role as a board member.

“My first intention is to apologize for my poor job of leadership,” Clayton said. “Since I’ve started to peak out from under the shroud and engage in community conversation, I really wonder how much information I have missed out on.”

Clayton then called for opponents of the administration to “demand attention” and assured them he would be a representative voice on the board.

“If you want to see change in the status quo, please reach out,” Clayton said.

The event’s organizer, Will Gardenswartz, called for attendees to support Clayton, and somewhat ominously predicted his demotion.

“That my friends is what courage looks like,” Gardenswartz said. “I imagine that chairman Clayton is going to face a bunch of flak — a bunch of flak — from his fellow board members who haven’t yet seen the light.”


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