TWIN FALLS — Classes were canceled Friday at Twin Falls High School after two of the school’s students threatened via social media to bring firearms to campus.

Twin Falls School District spokeswoman Eva Craner notified the Times-News just after 8 a.m. There were students and employees already at school when the closure decision was made.

Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson said Friday the incident is still under investigation and no-one is in custody at this time. Also, no students were found to be in possession of any weapons on school grounds, he said.

The police department is working with the Twin Falls School District, Thueson said. Police are also working with the Twin Falls County Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether any charges are appropriate, he said.

The school district and police department have located the students involved, the Twin Falls School District said in a statement at about 9:45 a.m. “The threats were related to bringing firearms to school and we are aware of posts made by two individuals. At this time, we no longer believe there is a threat to student safety.”

All after-school events Friday were slated to proceed as usual, but with an additional security presence. A Leadercast event at Twin Falls High’s Roper Auditorium throughout the day Friday continued as normal.

The Twin Falls School District was notified early Friday morning of threats being made on social media by Twin Falls High students, according to the statement. “Because we could not verify the locations of the students and in an abundance of caution we chose to cancel classes at TFHS today.”

The school district will continue to work with the police department to follow up with the investigation and “resolve the ongoing situation,” it said in a statement.

Counselors will be available Monday at Twin Falls High to talk with students.

A “hall check” — the equivalent of a soft lockdown where activity inside a school continues as usual, but doors are locked — occurred Friday morning at Sawtooth Elementary School, Craner said. The check was a precaution due to Sawtooth’s close proximity to Twin Falls High.

Here in Idaho, there’s a relatively new law that makes it a misdemeanor offense to make a threat against a school. It’s a felony offense if the person who makes the threat is in possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon.

The threats at Twin Falls High come just days after a Tuesday school shooting in Colorado, where two suspects killed one student and injured eight at STEM School Highlands Ranch.


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