DECLO— For the fourth this week day law enforcement and school officials dealt with social media threats against schools in Mini-Cassia.

Thursday morning, local and state law enforcement swept Declo High School after a threat mentioning a bomb at the school was posted on an Instagram account.

Officers searched the high school looking for a bomb but nothing was found, Debbie Critchfield, spokeswoman for the Cassia County School District, said.

“When the word bomb is used, it elicits a different type of response,” Critchfield said.

Critchfield said the police searched the building and declared it safe before students or staff arrived.

All of the threats have come via social media posts that had been shared multiple times, Critchfield said. Critchfield said incidents this week have prompted conversation among district officials about making sure all the schools have updated security measures, notification systems and cameras.

The district has protocol in place for what happens during a school lockdown, but since police did not recommend a lockdown or school closure, administrators at each school made decisions regarding increased safety precautions.

“We are not perfect at this but this experience let us see where the holes in the system are,” she said.

District officials will be discussing protocol moving ahead.

Critchfield said some high school teachers reported fewer students were hanging out in the school halls.

“It’s definitely been a more somber atmosphere and it’s been stressful,” Critchfield said.

At some schools in the district on Wednesday about half of the students were absent.

“The highlight in all of this is for years we have asked student to speak up if they see something,” Critchfield said.

In every case students turned in the messages they saw on their social media accounts.