GOODING — At Filer, Jerome and Gooding school campuses, dozens of school employees have resigned or were recently hired.

Here’s information from school board packets. Decisions will be made during Tuesday school board meetings: 


New hires

  • Cheryl Moen, special education paraprofessional
  • Joelann Cope, special education paraprofessional
  • Josh LaCroix, head golf coach
  • Rosa Beadz, middle school girls soccer
  • Jake Sporin, middle school boys soccer
  • Joyce Sage, head tennis coach
  • Lucy Stapp, assistant tennis coach
  • Cendra Byland, assistant tennis coach
  • Kent Seifert, head track coach
  • Mandy Stockham, assistant track coach
  • Joseba Zatica, assistant track coach
  • Ronnie Metcalf, middle school track coach
  • David Norby, baseball head coach
  • Eric John, junior varsity baseball head coach
  • Shane Prince, volunteer baseball coach
  • Cody Martin, volunteer baseball coach
  • Tracy Black, volunteer baseball coach
  • Shawn Patterson, head softball coach
  • Samantha Adkinson, assistant softball coach
  • Curtis Fleming, volunteer softball coach
  • Jon Cook, volunteer softball coach


  • Linda Ellis, preschool paraprofessional
  • Araseli Granados, food service
  • Brodie Parrott, Gooding Middle School athletic director
  • Joanne Cavaness, playground monitor
  • Chad Avery, Gooding Middle School principal
  • Adrian Celaya, Gooding High School football


New hires

  • Genja Leitch, Filer Intermediate School cook
  • Jody Smith, Filer High School IDLA paraprofessional
  • Modesta Carllson, district migrant liaison
  • Chatti Alger, Filer High School assistant volleyball coach
  • Sherree Miller, Filer Elementary School/Filer Intermediate School duty aide (now seven hours a day)
  • Ryan Fiala, Filer High School volunteer golf coach
  • Jessica Marsh, Filer Middle School/Filer High School paraprofessional


  • Chatti Alger, Filer Middle School volleyball coach
  • Jody Smith, Filer High School/Filer Middle School paraprofessional



  • Christi Fournier, child nutrition cashier at Jerome High School

New hires – this school year

  • Katy Pratt, child nutrition at Summit Elementary School
  • Tiffany Jackson, child nutrition at Jefferson Elementary School
  • Brandon Robinson, assistant baseball coach at Jerome High School
  • Victoria Brymer, assistant tennis coach at Jerome High School

New hires – 2018-19 school year

  • Megan Hinojos, English/language arts teacher at Jerome Middle School

Resignations – this school year

  • Alexandra Halterman, early education program at Horizon Elementary School

Resignations – 2018-19 school year

  • Brianna Kober, special education teacher at Summit Elementary School
  • Greg Moering, English/language arts teacher at Jerome Middle School
  • Jason Wilson, assistant football coach at Jerome High School