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South Hills Middle School

The Library at the new South Hills Middle School on Thursday, August 10, 2017 in Twin Falls.

TWIN FALLS — In August, 21 students were suspended for a total of 71 1/2 days from the Twin Falls School District.

That’s according to a long-term suspension report the school board receives each month. It breaks down the number and length of suspensions by school, and why students were punished.

Numbers are lower for August than other school months since school started Aug. 20.

Here are statistics from August’s report, included in a Monday Twin Falls school board packet:

Morningside Elementary School: 1 (one male)

  • One student for insubordination for one day

I.B. Perrine Elementary School: 2 (two males)

  • One student for battery for one day
  • One student for insubordination for four days

Vera C. O’Leary Middle School: 1 (one male)

  • One student for safety — threat for one day

South Hills Middle School: 7 (seven males)

  • Seven students for fighting for a total of 33 days

Twin Falls High School: 6 (six males)

  • Two students for fighting for a total of 10 days
  • Three students for smoking for a total of nine days
  • One student in the “other” category for five days

Canyon Ridge High School: 4 (four females)

  • One student for smoking for three days
  • Three students in the “other” category for a total of four-and-a-half days

*There weren’t any suspensions at Bickel, Harrison, Lincoln, Oregon Trail, Pillar Falls, Rock Creek and Sawtooth elementary schools, Robert Stuart Middle School, Bridge Academy and Magic Valley High School.


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