BOISE — South-central Idaho students did well on state science tests in the spring but struggled in math.

The Idaho State Department of Education released results Thursday from the 2017 Idaho Standards Achievement Tests.

It’s part of its K-12 report card on its website:

Data show how students in different grade levels performed in schools, school districts and statewide, the education department said in a statement.

Information online is also broken into 19 groups, including factors such as ethnicity, gender and English language learners.

Parents received their student’s results in the spring.

“We are expecting a much higher level of skill and knowledge of our students to ensure they are college and career ready,” Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said in a statement.

“My team is digging deeper into the data so we can align our state and federal resources to support student and school success as we transition into a new accountability system that helps targets resources were they are most needed.”

Next month, a state task force will look into Idaho’s assessment system and work with an assessment solutions group.

The group will meet about five times this school year, according to the statement, and the initiative will also include focus groups and a statewide survey.

A report is slated to come out in June 2018.

Idaho’s standardized tests are aligned with Common Core Standards and are administered by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Here are results for a handful of south-central Idaho’s school districts for the 2016-17 school year. These factor in all grade levels:

Blaine County School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 21.3 percent

Proficient: 36.6 percent

Basic: 24.8 percent

Below basic: 17.4 percent


Advanced: 18.1 percent

Proficient: 24 percent

Basic: 30.9 percent

Below basic: 27 percent


Advanced: 31.2 percent

Proficient: 32 percent

Basic: 21.3 percent

Below basic: 15.5 percent

Cassia County School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 13.8 percent

Proficient: 26.4 percent

Basic: 26.8 percent

Below basic: 33 percent


Advanced: 15.4 percent

Proficient: 21 percent

Basic: 31 percent

Below basic: 32.6 percent


Advanced: 21.9 percent

Proficient: 25.8 percent

Basic: 29.2 percent

Below basic: 23.1 percent

Gooding School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 8.9 percent

Proficient: 25.3 percent

Basic: 29.5 percent

Below basic: 36.3 percent


Advanced: 8.9 percent

Proficient: 17.2 percent

Basic: 29.2 percent

Below basic: 44.7 percent


Advanced: 20.3 percent

Proficient: 25.9 percent

Basic: 29.5 percent

Below basic: 24.3 percent

Wendell School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 6.3 percent

Proficient: 24.4 percent

Basic: 28.9 percent

Below basic: 40.4 percent


Advanced: 2.6 percent

Proficient: 10.7 percent

Basic: 31.4 percent

Below basic: 55.3 percent


Advanced: 9 percent

Proficient: 22.3 percent

Basic: 33.6 percent

Below basic: 25.2 percent

Jerome School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 10.4 percent

Proficient: 28.6 percent

Basic: 26.6 percent

Below basic: 34.3 percent


Advanced: 6.8 percent

Proficient: 17.5 percent

Basic: 32.8 percent

Below basic: 42.9 percent


Advanced: 22.4 percent

Proficient: 31.8 percent

Basic: 26.7 percent

Below basic: 19.1 percent

Twin Falls School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 19.1 percent

Proficient: 30.2 percent

Basic: 23.8 percent

Below basic: 26.8 percent


Advanced: 16.8 percent

Proficient: 22.7 percent

Basic: 28.5 percent

Below basic: 32 percent


Advanced: 33 percent

Proficient: 28.8 percent

Basic: 20.5 percent

Below basic: 17.7 percent

Buhl School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 8.7 percent

Proficient: 26.2 percent

Basic: 27.6 percent

Below basic: 37.5 percent


Advanced: 6.3 percent

Proficient: 18.5 percent

Basic: 31.7 percent

Below basic: 43.6 percent


Advanced: 21.6 percent

Proficient: 25.2 percent

Basic: 28.2 percent

Below basic: 24.9 percent

Filer School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 14 percent

Proficient: 31.6 percent

Basic: 29 percent

Below basic: 25.5 percent


Advanced: 11.5 percent

Proficient: 23.7 percent

Basic: 34 percent

Below basic: 30.9 percent


Advanced: 26.9 percent

Proficient: 31.9 percent

Basic: 25.1 percent

Below basic: 16.1 percent

Kimberly School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 19.9 percent

Proficient: 34.4 percent

Basic: 24.6 percent

Below basic: 21.1 percent


Advanced: 19.2 percent

Proficient: 26.7 percent

Basic: 28.1 percent

Below basic: 25.9 percent


Advanced: 37 percent

Proficient: 32.5 percent

Basic: 17.6 percent

Below basic: 12.8 percent

Minidoka County School District

English/language arts

Advanced: 13.3 percent

Proficient: 30.3 percent

Basic: 30.2 percent

Below basic: 26.2 percent


Advanced: 11.1 percent

Proficient: 22.2 percent

Basic: 34.9 percent

Below basic: 31.8 percent


Advanced: 18.2 percent

Proficient: 31.3 percent

Basic: 25.9 percent

Below basic: 24.6 percent