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HANSEN — Hansen School District will have a new superintendent starting July 1.

The school board voted unanimously Monday night to hire Parma High School principal David Carson, board chairman Dave Bjorneberg said Tuesday.

Carson was hired on a two-year contract with a $90,000 annual salary. He has 17 years of school administrator experience.

Carson will likely arrive in Hansen in mid-June, Bjorneberg said.

Carson said Tuesday he grew up in a small, rural agricultural area. “Being in a district like Hansen fits really well.”

He said he wants to learn as much as possible about the good things happening in Hansen schools, keep those going and “fine tune a few things along the way.”

“I’m excited for the opportunity to be the superintendent there,” he said.

Current Hansen Superintendent Kristin Beck is looking for other opportunities, Bjorneberg said. “We’re parting on very good terms. We did not want her to leave, but it was the right moment, probably, for her to look for some other things.”

Beck has been superintendent in Hansen School District — which has about 350 students in kindergarten through 12th grades — for five years.

She helped put the school district in an excellent position, Bjorneberg said, and recover from the economic recession. With an upcoming change in leadership, “it’s a little bit bittersweet, I think.”

A school district committee, including school principals, teachers and administrators, interviewed three top candidates for superintendent April 11 and 12.

“The consensus was David was our best candidate out of the three,” Bjorneberg said. “It was actually a pretty short discussion who to pick.”

Carson has been an educator for 22 years. He started his career as an earth science and physical science teacher for six years in Homedale and Aberdeen.

He has been a school administrator for 17 years, beginning in Aberdeen and Caldwell, and for the past 11 years at Parma High School.

Carson and his wife have five sons, two daughters-in-law and a grandson.


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