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Q: I heard a rumor that the Twin Falls City Pool is getting suit spinners. Is that true? And how are they being funded?

A: “The rumor is true,” said John Pauley, aquatics director for Twin Falls City Pool. “We are installing suit spinners in early to mid-November. They are being funded through the city’s capital fund.”

The Twin Falls City Pool provides services for 60,000 users a year.

“You put your swimsuit inside the spinner and hold the lid down for 10 seconds,” Pauley said. “After the time is up you can take your suit out and it will have wrung out 95 percent of the water. They do not use heat and instead spin the suit to get the water out.”

The city ordered two devices, one for each locker room, at $1,720 each.

By removing excess water, it will also protect lockers from rust, furniture and fixtures from water damage. It also keeps the facility dry to help prevent slip hazards and mildew.

“Each facility and use is different,” Pauley said. “However, with routine maintenance, we expect them to last for years.”

Pauley has wanted suit spinners at the city pool since he started 10 years ago. Suit spinners will cut down on dry time using low power consumption.

“We are going to close on Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for electrical upgrades,” said Pauley. The upgrade on electrical systems will accommodate the installation of suit spinners in each locker room.

“These will make swimming more enjoyable because there is nothing worse than leaving the pool on a cold day with a wet bag,” he said.

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