Q: Any updates on the state testing the pins on the Owsley Bridge?

A: “The pins are good but the road bed is in very bad condition, and it would be financially prohibitive to replace it with highway district funds,” said Rich Regnier, Hagerman Highway District Foreman. “Hagerman Highway District and Twin Falls Highway District are the districts in which the Owsley Bridge is located.”

The asphalt deck was replaced in 1932-33, although there may have been other repairs since that time, according to the National Register of Historic Places Registration.

Craig Laughlin, president of the Hagerman Bike and Walk working under the city of Hagerman said his group is raising money and applying for grants to build bicycle and walking paths throughout the Hagerman Valley to connect Billingsley Creek, Malad Gorge, Ritter Island, Box Canyon, and Niagara Springs — along with the Hagerman state and national fish hatcheries and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.

“The bridge will be used for public crossover,” he said. “At this time we are not involved in redoing the bridge deck. The money we are raising is to build bike and walking paths.”

Recently the group raised $6,000 at Dinner on the Owsley Bridge which featured a prime rib dinner, a beer and wine cash bar, and silent auction.

When it opened in 1921, more than 800 automobiles converged at the bridge for the dedication, and businesses in Hagerman and Buhl closed for the day.

Owsley Bridge is located approximately 200 yards north of the intersection of old U.S. 30 and Bell Rapids Road.

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