Q: I discovered 3700 North is closed for road work, west and east of U.S. Highway 93. Why doesn’t the highway district work on smaller sections of the road instead of closing the entire road?

A: “I spoke with a representative from the local highway district repairing 3700 North and the answer is simple: It saves time and money,” said Dave Burgess with Twin Falls Highway District. Burgess also serves on the board of directors for the Idaho Association of Highway Districts. “By closing the entire mile and a half to complete the project, all appropriate equipment and personnel can be at the site to complete their portion of the project at once without having to return to the site for each section. Therefore, the district can complete the project in a timely manner and minimize construction costs.”

“In speaking with Filer Highway District, the project spans from 2450 East to 2300 East. Road closed signs have been placed at 2100 East to help divert traffic north, allowing them the opportunity for a safe right-hand turn to the east onto 3800 North, towards Highway 93,” Burgess said. “The second road closed sign is at 2200 East.”

“Finally, there are road closed signs placed at 2500 East due to the project beginning at 2450 East,” said Burgess.

The road was closed Aug. 20 with work beginning on the 21st. “If Mother Nature will cut us some slack, it’ll be completed by Sept. 12,” said Travis Brewer, director of Filer Highway District. But severe thunderstorms are moving through the area, and “water and oil doesn’t mix.”

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Idaho Materials & Construction is reinforcing the concrete with a four-inch top layer of asphalt.

Road work is a half-mile east of U.S. 93. There is bridge and shoulder work, and potholes were repaired.

The road is a highly used truck route from Burley to Castleford, with lots of trucks carrying milk, feed and commodities from dairies. Trucks account for 18% to 20% of the traffic.

Although only a mile and a half of road is being rebuilt, longer stretches of road are closed for the safety of the public.

“It’s a pre-warning to detour drivers,” Brewer said. It gives trucks several chances to turn around.

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