Q: How many miles of bike lane is available around Twin Falls and where?

A: There are about 9.6 miles of bike lanes in Twin Falls, said Wendy Davis, the city’s Parks and Recreation Director. In addition, there are about 4 miles of shared-lane bike routes or sharrows, and 13.5 miles of multi-use paths with a total of 27.1 miles.

“Bike lanes are the ones designated in the traffic lanes. Bicycle facilities would include pathways, shared use pathways, sharrows and bike lanes,” Davis said.

A sharrow is a 5-foot wide lane that cars and bikes share.

There are three bike lanes in Twin Falls: One is on the east side of town from the City/YMCA pool along Falls Avenue to the top of the grade at Shoshone Falls. Another is on the west side of town from North College Road West, south on Sparks to Blake Street North east on Shoup Avenue West to Harrison Street then north on Harrison to Falls Avenue. There is also a section of this lane that is along Caswell Avenue in front of I.B Perrine Elementary School and Robert Stuart Middle School. The third bike lane is on the south side of town from the south water tanks, north on Washington Street South to Park Avenue, then west on Park Avenue to Oregon Trail Elementary School, and including a short section on Lois Avenue along the Oregon Trail Youth Complex.

The Canyon Rim Trail system is designated as a shared use path, along with the pathway on Washington Street North from Falls Avenue to Pole Line Road and the sidewalk along Pole Line Road.

There are several sharrows in Twin Falls. Roads designated with sharrows are usually low volume, low speed roads.

A bicycle facilities map for the city of Twin Falls is available at the Parks and Recreation office. It shows existing and proposed bike facilities to enhance connectivity.

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