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TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls man is accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old coworker, putting her in a storage room and fondling her.

Jose C. Guzman, 20 was arraigned Friday on a felony charge of second-degree kidnapping.

Court records say Twin Falls police were dispatched around 9 a.m. Thursday to Café Rio restaurant on Blue Lakes Boulevard North. They talked with a woman who said her 16-year-old daughter hadn’t come home the night before.

The mother received a text message around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday from her daughter, saying she was still working and wasn’t coming home yet.

A police officer talked with the Café Rio manager who was overseeing the shift Wednesday night. He said a boy who was waiting for a ride from his parents may have seen the girl leave.

The boy said he saw the girl get into a blue car with her coworker, Guzman. He said another man was driving, but he didn’t know who he was.

Police went to Guzman’s home address at the 200 block of Alexander Street. A woman who answered the door, who said she was Guzman’s sister, said she didn’t think her brother was home and she didn’t know who the missing girl was.

The police officer asked the woman to check Guzman’s room.

“She came back and said that Jose opened his door, and quickly closed it,” court records said. “I told her to tell Jose to come out and talk with us.”

Guzman repeatedly said he didn’t know where the girl was. “Jose was acting nervous and paranoid,” court records state. He said the last time he saw her was around 10 p.m. Wednesday when he’d left work.

When police entered Guzman’s room, police noticed a door access to a storage room. Guzman told police there wasn’t anything behind the locked door and only his parents have the key to it.

“As we were exiting the bedroom, I thought I heard a noise coming from behind the locked door, but was unable to distinguish it as a person,” court records said.

Guzman’s sister later knocked on the door, telling whoever was inside to come out. A police officer noticed a pair of woman’s jeans inside out under the bed in the room. Inside a pocket, a work schedule had the missing girl’s name on top.

Police asked Guzman to tell the girl she could come out of the room. When police asked the girl why she was at Guzman’s house, she didn’t say anything and was looking toward Guzman.

After police took Guzman outside, the girl said “she was afraid that Jose was going to hurt her if she said anything” and that she didn’t want to be there. She told police she thought Guzman was going to take her home, but he refused.

While looking for the girl’s cellphone, police found drug paraphernalia in plain sight in the bedroom, a sawed-off shotgun and Guzman’s identification. Guzman said the items were his, but “OK because he used the drugs for medicine.”

Court records say Guzman told police the girl asked to leave the house at least twice, but told her no “because it was dark outside and bad things happen to people after dark.” Guzman told the girl if she tried to leave, he would hurt her.

The girl said she watched Guzman use marijuana and snort a white powder many times, and was worried he’d follow through on his threat of hurting her, records said.

Guzman admitted to police he sexually assaulted the girl “because she had turned him on.”

Guzman was booked into Twin Falls County Jail on $20,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is Sept. 22.

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