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PAUL — A man was shot early Saturday in Paul, but police have released little information.

Court records on a drug bust indicated the shooting occurred in the living room at the home, 130 N. 500 W., but it contained no further details.

Minidoka County Sheriff Eric Snarr said a 23-year-old Rupert man was shot and taken by air ambulance to a Boise hospital.

Snarr said the sheriff’s office responded to the residence at 2:54 a.m.

“The person that was shot is still alive,” Minidoka County Prosecutor Lance Stevenson said. “We can’t release any more details because the case is still under investigation.”

Later that day, police arrested several people on drug trafficking charges.

The drug cases were sealed by the court on Monday, Snarr said.

“People’s lives are in danger,” he said.

Adolfo Lopez-Mata, 26, Gabriela Martinez-Esteban, 22, and Emmanuel Garza, 23, were all charged with one felony count of drug trafficking after officers found just more than a pound of methamphetamine and stolen guns at the home later that day.

Martinez-Esteban and Garza were both set for arraignment in Minidoka County Magistrate Court on Monday. Court documents for Lopez-Mata were sealed and could not be accessed by the Times-News.

Court records that were sealed Monday say officers arrived at the residence at 8:20 p.m. and a deputy saw through a window Lopez-Mata and Garza run through the house toward a second door.

When the deputy announced they were from the sheriff’s office, the two men turned around and slammed the door, and the deputy saw the two men running through the house toward the other door.

Garza left through the other door and tried to run into a field when an officer cut him off and ordered him to the ground.

Inside the house on the kitchen table police found a black digital scale with a large amount of crystal substance on it. There was also a knife and clear baggies and a spoon with white residue.

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There was also packaging material on the table coated with grease or oil. The officer said when drugs are packaged for transport they are coated with grease and prevent detection.

Another bag of crystal substance was open and the substance spilled all over the kitchen counter, like it had been dropped, police said.

There was also a trail of the substance leading from the kitchen into the living room and to the door. The substance was also scattered on the couch.

Deputies reported finding two baggies of methamphetamine weighing about an ounce in Lopez-Mata’s sweatshirt pocket and two bundles of cash totaling $4,920 in his pants pockets.

Martinez-Esteban told police that she was in the country illegally and that she is an addict. She had $400 in her pants pocket, police said. Lopez-Mata was also in the country illegally, police said.

Police also reported finding a Ruger .380 caliber pistol that was stolen out of Pocatello in September and a Springfield .45 caliber pistol stolen in Buhl in October along with a .22 caliber rifle that had an unreadable serial number.

Police also recovered two ledgers that had names and addresses alongside of amounts recorded in them.


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