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TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls man is accused of raping two women, one of them at gunpoint.

Allen Dunnagan, 29, was arraigned Thursday on two counts of rape, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of battery with intent to commit a serious felony.

The women called police Tuesday afternoon Dunnagan had just left the house with a gun to kill his cousin. One of the women told police Dunnagan had pointed the gun at her and raped her the previous night, according to court documents. The other said he raped her last week.

The two women had been in a “mutual sexual relationship” with Dunnagan for several weeks leading up to the assaults, police said.

The women told police that the previous week, they both told Dunnagan they did not want to have sex and Dunnagan responded by forcefully “molesting” both women and raping one of them. On Tuesday, the women told police, Dunnagan pointed his gun at one woman’s head and proceeded to rape her, despite the woman telling him multiple times to stop.

The other woman told police that when she walked in on the scene and moved to console the woman who was assaulted, Dunnagan pointed the gun at both of them and said, “I am not afraid to use this.”

Dunnagan denied raping the women and said he never removed his gun from its holster or pointed it at them, but police say a polygraph machine indicated that he was not telling the truth when asked about pointing the gun at one of the women.

He was jailed on a $250,000 bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 9.

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