TWIN FALLS • A Twin Falls man recently got into trouble with both the law and his girlfriend.

Chaz Golding, 28, took his girlfriend’s mother’s credit card and proceeded to rack up a $300 charge, police said.

The girlfriend and her mother confronted Golding for stealing the card, police said.

Golding was arraigned Thursday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on three felony counts of criminal possession of a financial transaction card.

Golding had been living with his girlfriend and her mom when he stole and used the mom’s credit card, court documents said. Between May 5 and May 11 he made 10 transactions and racked up more than $300 on the card.

Golding admitted to the mother most of the transactions were for food or gas, court documents said.

On June 3 the mother told police she wanted to press charges.

Golding’s bond was set at $10,000 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 21.

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