TWIN FALLS • A Canadian woman who died BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge last week packed her own parachute prior to the fatal jump, and investigators discovered a hole in her pilot chute and a broken zipper on her harness.

Kristin Renee Czyz, 34, of Calgary died May 13 when her parachute failed to open on her fifth jump of the day. Witnesses in boats near the bridge pulled Czyz from the Snake River, started CPR and called 911. They met emergency responders at the docks at Centennial Waterfront Park where the woman was pronounced dead.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident and closed the case as an accident, spokeswoman Lori Stewart said.

Sean Chuma, a local BASE instructor and a witness to the incident, told investigators it appeared only Czyz’s pilot chute deployed, Stewart said. Chuma also helped a deputy inspect the parachute.

“They discovered a hole in the netting of the pilot chute and a broken zipper on the right side of the harness,” Stewart said Friday. “This seemed to be consistent with a witness that stated it appeared the bridle was caught on something.”

A pilot chute is a smaller parachute that’s used to draw the main parachute out of its pack. The bridle connects the pilot chute to the main parachute.

Investigators found Czyz packed her own chute prior to the deadly jump, Stewart said. But it is unknown who the chute belonged to.